Sunday, May 15, 2011

We are the Children of Earth

[Image: Fee Easton]

We are the flowers of Earth,
And we come in many colours.
We reach toward the Sun in its glory,
And kiss turquoise skies that meet land.
We live in peace and unity,
And celebrate our life every day.

For we are the children of Earth,
And at-one with all flora and fauna.
We sing and dance on the breezes,
And fill the air with our scent.
For we love all that life has to offer,
And to play with and tease humming birds.

Yes, we are the flowers of Earth,
And we bloomed long before Atlantis.
We watched as life crossed the planet,
And brought food and shelter to Man.
Yes, we are the flowers of Earth,
And our fate lies within your hands.

Roger Allen Baut

Today’s One Stop Poetry Challenge prompt was shot by UK photographer Fee Easton


  1. A poem of great tranquility and positive message of acceptance and diversity. Wonderful natural imagery throughout your poetic lines conveying harmony, peace, and living in "the now."

  2. ...thanks so much Adam! Appreciate your comments! It was one of those poems that just wrote itself...but of course that wonderful image of Fee's facilitated the process and chased away the cold, rainy day we're having in SE Michigan today! May 15th and I've got my furnace on...Yikes! ☺

  3. Your gentle words and images left me in a state of harmony... like there is a simple answer to life after all.

  4. Such hope in your words...

  5. ...Hi Kerry! Thanks so much for your comments, and that you were left in a state of harmony! All is as it is, and we only perceive a small portion of the great panoply of life on Earth, because of our finite lives...and I do think "there is a simple answer to life," and that would be to gently "flow" with the "all things come full circle," after all! ☺

    ...and, yes, wolfsrosebud, and thank you...there is "such hope" that all, physical things change, and one day leave the physical world behind...and, yet, their inner being moves on to a new life and hope..."for there is hope of a tree, if it be cut down, that it will bloom again, and the tender branch, thereof, shall not cease...☺

  6. this reads like a summer breeze..airy..fresh and've given these fragile poppies a sense of eternity

  7. ...awww, thanks so much for your sweet comment how you write "...reads like a summer breeze..airy..fresh and hopeful..." Poppies were my mothers favorite flowers...☺

  8. This is lovely and positive. We need to celebrate each day because today is the only day promised to us. Very nice!

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  10. nice...we kiss torquoise skies...great image...and to think we can add beauty to our earth...i think we can but often leave less...

  11. Thanks Ayala and Brian for you comments! Appreciate your thoughts! Indeed, we need to celebrate each day, as it's the only one we have!

    And, yes, we can add beauty to our earth! I just hope we hurry up and heal our Planet! Thanks again! ☺

  12. Love this. A lovely celebration of nature in all her glory.

    Glad I found your blog.