Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Seeds of Insanity

[Baut Images: Cain]

They say it all started
when Cain slew Abel,
and the seeds of insanity were sown.

For who of a sane mind
would kill another,
and not even think it was wrong.

Then came the long march
of death and destruction
from Babylon to Egypt, then Rome.

Mighty Rome took it further
through conquest and legions;
by burning and salting the ground.

But empires rise, and empires fall
as it seems they so often do,
and with avarice, friend, build they tombs.

Then look to religions,
saving souls with fools gold;
shadow empires amongst all the rest.

Priestly travelers call
with their banners unfurled,
and a sword hung close at the hip.

Yes, they say it all started
when Cain slew Abel,
now those seeds have all fully grown.

Roger Allen Baut


  1. and we have sure cultivated that seed...running our heads into that brick wall again an again to get what we think we need...just like cain...

  2. Yup! Unfortunately, that seed has been cultivated and nurtured from one generation to the next! Now we're not only killing our own species, but the flora, fauna and planet as well...Thanks for your comment Brian! Appreciated! Roger ☺

  3. Love the historical backround to enphasize the point
    nicely "wrought" poem or was that "forged"

    smiles from the Moon

  4. I like the lulling rhythms of the words and the grim message mixed together; makes it hit harder, and couldn't agree with you more. Killing at the level we have it now is beyond simple insanity and into suicide.

  5. Nice to see you and have your comment! Thank you so very much! Glad you liked the historical background...most likely "forged" ☺ ... and smiles to the moon! ☺

  6. All so elegantly stated...his blood cries out through the ages.

  7. Thanks for the comment "hedgewitch," and that you like the "lulling" rhythms of the words. It is, "indeed" a grim message, to be sure, and wish it were otherwise. Each day it seems like we're getting closer and closer to a species cataclysm. Thanks again! ☺

  8. Thank you so much for the comment "Roxy Isle," and yes, indeed, his blood cries out through the ages...My hope is one day soon, we can stop the insanity of our species!

  9. A grim speaking tale... yet tis the true tale of our species within our legacy of naught. To kill ones own, this is what we have become.

  10. i think it started with this apple..and blaming someone else for our own mistakes...good write roger...good thoughts..the seeds fully grown..yes..

  11. Thanks so much for your input and comments Reflections and Claudia! Sincerely appreciated! Yes, indeed, Reflections, grim speaking! My mind is boggled each day w/some new atrocity that is perpetuated by this species on itself or the planet. I sometimes feel like I'm watching a really bad sci-fi movie...and yes, the blame game! That's really gone over the top...The Gulf is still toxic...as well as the spill in Kalamazoo River...methinks that people will wake-up too late...Thanks again...☺

  12. Nothing new under the sun. Great presentation...

  13. Those seeds we water within us must be choosen with clear mind and without passion. Passion most times clouds our sight to consequence...great job here!

  14. Thank you so much for you comments and input "wolfsrosebud," and "Tracie Skarbo!" Sincerely appreciated! Exactly! There really is "nothing new under the sun," and unfortunately this species isn't learning from history!

    I like that about "choosing" which seeds to water "within us." And it really is all about "choice!"

    Quantum physics speaks to that...each choice we make opens the door to a new/possible future...Perhaps one day...

  15. This has a very nice flow to it, and I loved its history.
    It's so true too, we reap what we sow. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Thanks for the input/comment "daydreamertoo!" I appreciate you letting me know about the flow, as I'm always wondering about how other perceive it! Glad you liked it, and thank you for sharing too! Cheers, mate! ☺

  17. Finely-wrought piece... tercets are my favourite way to go.... love the sense of history in this.

  18. Delightfully struck good sir! Grim, but historical, and all the more hard hitting for it. Insanity's the only way to describe the path we've walked ourselves down...and we just keep making it worse.

  19. Thanks so much Luke and clanphelan for you comments! They are sincerely appreciated and am so happy you enjoyed my poem! And as you write clanphelan, "...we just keep making it worse."