Monday, April 9, 2012

Art Takes Times Square

[Baut Images: The Gate]

Everyone has a certain creative ability, or an innate sense of art, that may be expressed through the written word, paint brush, chalk, chisel, pen, camera, et cetera. Those who claim to not have this creative ability, I believe, have not had it nurtured, or allowed to grow. It is there, within, if one but only looks and realizes, as creativity, I believe, is an aspect of the human soul, and a gift from its creator.

The world that we live on is a work of art itself. The seasons, trees, landscapes, lakes, streams, oceans, plant and animal life all have their individual beauty and may be viewed as art. Earth is, indeed, a garden planet, ready for the artist’s canvas or photographer’s camera. One does not need to travel a thousand miles to paint a picture, or take a photograph, as oftentimes an image is waiting right around the corner.

So, when I came across Art Takes Times Square, I thought what a wonderful opportunity for artists. What a wonderful opportunity for people to experience all different types of images of art. What a wonderful opportunity for people to see the work of different artists with whom they might not be familiar, and perhaps those viewers might be inspired into exploring new avenues of creativity in their own lives.

Throughout history, it has been the artists and artisans who have inspired humankind to grow, and look beyond the mundane. It is the artists and artisans who have given us a renaissance when it was so sorely needed, and it is a renaissance we could all benefit from now, at this particular time and place.

Art Takes Times Square is an innovative and creative project by Chashama and the Times Square Alliance working with Artists Wanted to present an exhibition of artists, photographers and designers from around the world in an online portfolio, and for the winner, an inclusion in a limited edition book, Art in Times Square, their work displayed on a billboard in Times Square, and a cash prize.

This selection is assisted by viewers who ‘collect’ their favorite artists, and help decide who will be displayed on the massive billboards of Times Square this summer. The highest collected artists will have their submissions reviewed by Chashama and Artists Wanted to determine a Grand Prize winner. But, in essence, all the entrants are 'winners' since they are artists presenting their work to a world of viewers.

Please take a look at my Portfolio: Roger Allen Baut, or enter through the Torii below, and if you like what you see, please hit the collect (*) and share links at the top of the page! Your support, and share, would be very much appreciated!

Special thanks to Natasha Head The Tashtoo Parlour for bringing Art Takes New York to my attention.

“The artist's world is limitless. It can be found anywhere, far from where one lives or a few feet away. It is always on one’s doorstep.” Paul Strand