Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Autumn III: Written on the Winds

[Baut Images: Bumblebee and Canadian Goldenrod]

I can feel it in the air,
Taste it on the breeze.

Apple and cinnamon,
Pear and pumpkin spice.

All the lovely flavors,
That make this season nice.

Bumblebees and honeybees,
Flying through the air.

Searching for the nectar,
And all the pollen that's there.

It's written on the winds,
It's written in our souls.

Autumn's all around us,
So let the love just grow.

It's written on the winds,
It's written in our souls.

Autumn's all around us,
So let the love just grow.

Let the love just flow...

Roger Allen Baut

⊰道 Once again this offering is made in
'triplet' form. Image, poem and video.道⊱

"There's no beginning,
There'll be no end..."
...from another place and time

Monday, September 19, 2011

Dark Skies

[Baut Images: Dark Skies]

Dark the skies.
Dark the clouds.
Dark the Age.
Dark the thoughts.
Dark the leaders.

All the darkness
One could want!
By witch hunts,
And Wars.

Dark the leaders.
Dark the thoughts.
Dark the Age.
Dark the clouds.
Dark the skies.

Roger Allen Baut

and yet...

"Don't let
The eyes of sadness
Reflect on
Your inner soul
Let the Light shine through
Let the Light shine.

And deliver you through
The passages of life."


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I Hear Atlantis Weeping...

[Baut Images:  Atlantean Dreams]

I hear Atlantis weeping for her lost, lost Summer children,
Who having cast her aside for brighter gems and toys;
Left her to die alone on her once proud beaches.

Hear not her cries for help!
See not her withering lands, and forests, and streams,
Littered with the refuse of Man.

Hear O Ye People, hear the sighs of once fair Atlantis,
Hear her cries, as they ply the winds along Pacific Coast Highway,
And as she laments her fallen Summer children.

Children who see naught, but their own selfish needs.
See not the suffering of their brothers and sisters,
And the hungry and homeless roaming in-between.

Hear her now in the voices of approaching Autumn leaves,
Falling, ever falling from the hair of the fallen Summer children;
Lost in their food, and drink, and greed.

Children who now waste away in their hazy dreams,
Tossing and turning, and needing more and more;
Crying in eternities non-time, "Come back, come back again!"

I hear Atlantis weeping...
Lost Summer children...
Who cast her aside...
Left her to die alone...
On her once proud beaches...
Come back, come back again...

Roger Allen Baut
It's Almost Full Moon...

Note: This poetic art form consists of an image, poem and music video to lend it a 3-tiered/dimensional aspect to the work. Please consider all three parts when viewing this work. Thank-you! ☺