Contemplative Photo/Art™

Contemplative Photographic Art™ are certain photographs which may lead the viewer into a calm, thoughtful, peaceful, and/or lightly meditative state.

In this contemplative state an individual may connect, gain access to, or come into resonance with his or her own inner being, and from this connection, perhaps gain insights that will assist that person on their Journey of Life on Planet Earth."

As you view each photograph, take your time, and see what lies within the realm of the image. Each image holds a message for the person viewing it.

Loon Lake & AuSable, Michigan environs

Winter Path on Loon Lake ©2010 Roger Allen Baut

Iargo Springs ©2010 Roger Allen Baut

Iargo Springs II ©2010 Roger Allen Baut

Iargo Springs III "Mystical Moment" ©2010 Roger Allen Baut

Iargo Springs IV ©2010 Roger Allen Baut

Iargo Springs V ©2010 Roger Allen Baut

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