Autumnal Arrangement © Roger Allen Baut


I am thinking of autumn.
Am I autumn?

 Brown leaves cascading through blue skies
are a portent of what is to come.
The unmentionable, unspeakable darkness,
and premeditated coldness of winter.

It lasts awhile this autumn season,
Captured in warmth, in amber, for all to see.
Like an insect imprisoned within
I look through the smoky golden thickness.

Captured in amber, am I.
Captured in autumn, am I.
Captured in the reds, yellows, and browns
of colored leaves and spices.

I am thinking of amber.
Am I amber?
© Roger Allen Baut



I ran out to the backyard and looked upward toward the sky. Above me, the gray, dark-light clouds were sailing like ships on a storm tossed sea. The March wind was crisp and chill, and yet I heard a whisper of “spring” in my ear.

I sensed energy all around me, as electricity played in my hair. I was filled with life, and love and words I could never express. So, I ran back and into the house; for this was a day for kite flying.

I came back outside with my kite in hand, excited and happy to let it fly again. But, quick as wink, a breeze took it aloft, with me holding on, as I ran tumbling and running ‘cross the lawn.

Oh! Kite flying, kite flying;
what a wondrous time in that then!

Oh! Kite flying, kite flying;
what a wondrous time to be 10!

©2010 Roger Allen Baut
Revised 09/29/2010


And behold, I saw many signs and wonders in the heavens,
and in the earths.

I saw the many worlds of the galaxy laid-out before me,
and unreality, reflected from reality.

The mirror of my soul's lives were reflected in the mirror of the sky,
and at last the inner me merged with the outer me.

Once again, I became as I am.

© Roger Allen Baut
Note: This image is by the renowned American artist Maxfield Parrish.


Sudden Snow

Sudden snow
Interrupts Indian summer
Chasing dragonflies
Across a pond of freezing dreams
Winter comes.

Sun Sets

Sun sets.
Snow falling.
Duplicitous winter.

And We Laughed

We laughed, as snow feel across the old road,
And a shooting star crossed the moon,
For we knew these days would not come again.


The great ship
Slides into a cold and icy sea.
The band plays.
The dancers dance.
Singers sing.
USA Titanic.

Still Falls the Rain

Still falls the rain
Amidst broken dying flowers;
Empires rise, empires fall.
Empty Promises

Empty promises
From empty people,
Trying to fill their empty selves
With anything they can eat, drink, or steal.
Chill Breezes

Chill breezes sweep the bayou.
Dampness chokes my neck.
Gators snap at low flying birds.
Death on the highway.
Amber Afternoons

Amber afternoons in October,
Recount the harpsichord melodies
Woven by the season minds
Of minstral Warlocks.
We Laughed!

We laughed 'til the sun went down,
Sang Songs of a Dying Earth,
And danced until the moon rose,
For the very last time.