Monday, January 10, 2011

The Song Remains the Same!

It has been some time since I posted a blog, and during that time, there have continued to be many Earth changes: earthquakes, small tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, faster movement of the North magnetic pole toward Siberia, melting of the polar ice caps. These occurances have all been continuing at a steady, if not alamingly increased pace over the past few months. It seems pretty obvious, to me at least, that some big change is coming for Planet Earth and humanity, in the not too far distant future.

Along with these earth changes, societal changes seem to be continuing to move in a more downward direction. We find that humanity continues to be become more aggressive, hostile, and damaging not only to itself, but to other species inhabiting the planet.

Recently, reports of birds falling from the sky and dying are reported not only in the United States but other countries as well, along with large numbers of fish dying-off. I'm sure there's much more going on than we know about, and let's not forget about the honeybees which are still dying and disappearing in large numbers.

In regards to our society, I still cannot comprehend all the insanity that's going on regarding our own species. As I have written elsewhere: Homo sapiens (mankind) has become the most treturous and virulent species on the planet. I can think of no other species that abuses, hurts, maims, tortures, wages war, and kills others of it's own kind (note: the recent attack on Representative Gifford, the killing of six people, and wounding of 14 others which is a prime example of this!), as well as being so destructive to the planet it lives on.

It is almost as if the majority of mankind has a suicidal death wish. But, what can we expect from a species that is breathing-in toxic air, drinking toxic water, and eating toxic food; not to mention all the plastics, chemicals and GMOs that have been ingested into, and are circulating in many individual's physical bodies!

Anyone reading this article can hopefully see that we are in for some serious trouble not only from earth changes, but from our own species as well! As John Major Jenkins writes:

"An unresolved and festering dark side poisons American politics. Bush is no longer president, but there is a larger Seven Macaw [from Mayan Cosmogenesis 2012] threat at loose in the world today. Seven Macaw is a many-headed hydra, and removing one head will not do him in. The stated intentions of Obama have so far proven ineffective against a more deeply routed and systemic problem. He is morphing before our eyes into yet another figurehead molded by Big Money and the military-industrial-informational complex. He either had this up his sleeve all along (since when can politicians ever be trusted?) or he has been taken hostage by the forces of globalization. The Hero Twins [again from Mayan Cosmogenesis 2012] had it easy; we have a more difficult task. We must speak truth to power and identify the entity that lies behind all Seven Macaws, one that has tentacles embedded in our own lives."

The heart of the many-headed monster is that strange nonhuman institution that has been granted imortality: the corporation (p. 330, The 2012 Story).

So, what can we do? Simply put we can be assertive advocates for the flora and fauna, the planet and humanity. We can be a real human being, and be humane! Humane is the "hallmark" of what being human is all about. We can be an individual and not a clone as so many people are these days. The path that the individual travels may be a bit lonely at times, but it's better than being part of a mindless drone society caught-up in the buying frenzy of every new "junk" toy that comes on the market.

"Collectively, as the 21st century dawns, we feel the ennui and exhaustion of the millennia-long practice of Western religion, politics, and science; we encounter the pollution and toxification that is the legacy of our particular style of being in the world. And we also find, among the endless bric a brac of the spiritual marketplace, the cosmogenic calendar of the ancient Maya." (p.378, The 2012 Story).

UPDATES: 01•11•2011 & 01•13•2011

On 01•11 the problems in Austrailia continue weather-wise! Headlines tell of 9 people dying in what is described as an "instant tsunami" from an intense deluge which triggered a 26 foot wall of water to rip through the streets of Toowoomba on Monday night.

It has often been said that the way a year starts out, what occurs at the beginning of the new year, will set the tone for the remainder of that year. If this is the case, it's going to be a very interesting 2011!

As of 01•13 earthquakes continue to shift the planet as an earthquake M 4.8, hit the Sichuan-Gansu border region of China. No further information as to damage or casualities was forthcoming from media sources at this time.

2011 Roger Allen Baut