Saturday, September 29, 2012

Tides of Change

[Baut Images: High Tide]

The tides of change are coming.

The planet rotates on it's axis.

Lorna Doone plays the piano.

You sip a cup of tea,

Whilst I rid the skies of lies.

The tides of change are coming.
Species dying every day.
Miley Cyrus gets a ticket.
As Meatloaf burns in the oven,
And I play the game to win it.

The tides of change are coming.
More mercury in Blue-fin Tuna.
As banksters fill with dread.
So, read that book Priscilla,
As I write for the Ungrateful Dead.

The tides of change are coming.
As the grids break down once again.
And it's time for Project Runway to end.
So, go grab a muffin Amanda,
And I'll have a sandwich of sand.

The tides of change are coming.
Doesn't matter what one wants.
The battle is close at hand.
So listen to wind and water,
For it's happening across the land.

The tides of change are here!

The planet careens in it's orbit.

Elton John smashes his piano.

You sip a bottle of water,

Whilst I travel to the Isle in the Skye.

2012 Roger Allen Baut

Once again you have a poetic triplet
of an image, poem and video.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Autumn's Only Chariot

[Baut Images: Autumn Moon]

Celestial light
As the Sun enters Libra,
A quarter moon
That's made of silver.

Autumnal Equinox
Of stories told,
How energy balances
For those with souls.

Ride the wind,
Ride the waves,
Ride the vibrations
In Autumn's only chariot.

2012 Roger Allen Baut

Note: Once again this is a poetic triplet,
of an image, poem, and video presentation.

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