Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Winter Solstice

Baut Images: Sudden Snow

Sudden snow.
A pause.
An inhalation.
The planet stirs.
Solar storm warning.

Winter Solstice.
Ice knives fly.
Too late.
No cover.
Homeland insecurity.
Fear merchants.
No recompense for the rich.

Sudden snow.
A pause.
An exhalation.
St. Vitus dances.
Bankers leap from windows.
Jeremiah reads Lamentations.
The city lays deserted.

Roger Allen Baut

Saturday, December 17, 2011

I Remember Autumn

[Baut Images: Angel in the Sky]

I remember Autumn, as a child.
Smoky scents on a crisping breeze.
Images of baked potatoes.

Clear blue skies.
A hazy amber afternoon sun setting.
School children.

I was a child then.
A potential.
Dreaming still.

But, the child is now locked inside,
And away from those Halcyon Days
Of golden September and October;
When we laughed, and ran, in the pumpkin patch.

I remember Autumn, as I am today.

 ©2011 Roger Allen Baut