Saturday, December 17, 2011

I Remember Autumn

[Baut Images: Angel in the Sky]

I remember Autumn, as a child.
Smoky scents on a crisping breeze.
Images of baked potatoes.

Clear blue skies.
A hazy amber afternoon sun setting.
School children.

I was a child then.
A potential.
Dreaming still.

But, the child is now locked inside,
And away from those Halcyon Days
Of golden September and October;
When we laughed, and ran, in the pumpkin patch.

I remember Autumn, as I am today.

 ©2011 Roger Allen Baut


  1. Roger, nice piece, really like the trajectory and structure. Great lines/words inspiring Autumnal imagery. The video is pretty cool, the music overtone fits the slideshow and some great nature images. Thanks

  2. ...and thank you too Fred! Always nice to hear from you and pleased you shared your thoughts on this! Also, happy you liked the video and music. Thanks again and best regards, Roger ☺

  3. Roger, nice piece and a lovely video!

  4. ...thanks so much for stopping by and leaving your comment ayala! So glad you like the poem and video! I really appreciate it! Take gentle care! Roger ☺

  5. I too remember those days each fall (in Michigan) with a certain melancholy. Nice piece.

  6. ...hey Eric! Nice of you to stop by and leave your thoughts! Yes, indeed, there used to be some mighty fine Autumns here in Michigan. Not to mention the 'Indian Summer' which we always looked forward to, and were rewarded with the same! Thanks again Eric! Take gentle care! Roger ☺