Thursday, June 28, 2012

❀ Butterfly Daze w/Symbiosis ❀

[Baut Images: Symbiosis]

Many ancient cultures and societies have viewed 

the butterfly as a symbol of transformation and change, 
because of its impressive process of metamorphosis. 

Butterfly Daze 

Resplendent in all of it's beauty
The butterfly does not strut about
Seeking it's own praise or glory.

It does not sit for hours waiting to be liked,
Or seek out others in the meadow
To tell it how wonderful and grand it is.

The butterfly simply 'is.'
And as with all things in nature;
A part of the passing loveliness of this world.

The humble butterfly brings 
Faithfulness to the flowers,
And gives, as it is given to in return.

❀ Symbiosis 
A Gathering

A gathering of butterflies,
Traveling from flower to flower,
Sharing with each other, hour after hour.

A gathering of butterflies,
Traversing the skies and fields,
Without any need for shields.
A gathering of butterflies,

In synchronous motion
Traveling without any commotion.

"Love is like a butterfly: It goes where it pleases,
and it pleases wherever it goes." Unknown

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012


[Baut Images: The Tower or The Lightening]

A tower is decapitated by a thunderbolt.
Misery, distress, indigence,
adversity, calamity, deception, ruin.

The chastisement of pride.

A crowned and uncrowned man are
precipitated from the tower,
falling down with the rest of the debris.

Falling in slow motion,
The Bill of Rights falls.

Falling in slow motion,
The Constitution falls.

Falling in slow motion
The citizenry falls.

Falling in slow motion
The plutocracy falls.

Falling in slow motion,
The emperor falls.

Falling in slow motion.
 The planet falls.

The Tower is Falling

"We now live in a nation where doctors destroy health,
lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge,
governments destroy freedom, the press destroys information,
religions destroy morals, and our banks destroy the economy,"

Chris Hedges

Chris Lynn Hedges is an American journalist, author,
and war correspondent specializing in American and
Middle Eastern politics and societies.


There are none so blind, or deaf,
as those who will not see or hear...

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Trapped Souls

[Baut Images: Soul Flight]

She says, "I want my freedom!"
He says, "You can never be truly free."
She says, "That's not true."
He says, "Yes, it is."
She says, "What do you mean?"
He says, "Youre a soul trapped inside a physical body."
She says, "You're crazy!"

He says, "Am I now?"

Dance the dance.
Dance the dance of the soul.

We've been dancing since time began,
And it's so very long ago,
That now we've forgotten.

We've forgotten who we are,
Simply, souls dancing,
Dancing through time and space.

We've forgotten we were
To be caretakers of this sacred place,
And keepers of divine grace.

Now, we must wake-up.
Wake-up soon, before it's too late,
And perhaps change our disastrous fate.

Dance the dance of the soul.
Dance the dance.

She says, "Yes, you are!"
He says, "When you leave the physical you're truly free."
She says, "How's that?"
He says, "These shells we live in are only temporary."
She says, "What have you been smoking?"
He says, "Not smoking, waking-up!"
She says, "I don't want to wake-up!"
He says, "Go deep, deep inside, and r-e-m-e-m-b-e-r..."

Roger Allen Baut

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Sirens Wail!

[Baut Images: Scratch the Sky] 

Sirens wail!
Lights are flashing!
No one heeds the call!

No one really cares.
Hypnotized from childhood.
Don't do that!
Do this!

Suck on a binky.
It's so soothing.
There's plastic in your blood.
Toxins in your soup.

Drink swill from the tap.
It's better for you.
It's full of fluoride.
Full of chemicals.

Fast food.
French fries.
Wendy loves you.

Have some herbal tea. 
Whilst 1.3 million street children weep.
Fed Res sends 700-800 billion to the EU.
And you buy a new home for 1.3 million.

Learn to write.
Write some more.
Even though it's crap.
There's applause at the door.

Ego driven!

Within your nest of thorns.
Don't come too close.
Don't dream in colour.
Don't explore creativity.

Just sit there.
Do the same old thing.
Day after day after day.
Do nothing for anyone else.

Limit yourself.
Limit your creativity.
Get rid of your paints.
Hide in your fracking tackle box.

No one heeds the call.
Lights are flashing.
Sirens wail.

Roger Allen Baut

We laughed as the sun went down,
Sang songs of a dying Earth,
And danced until the moon rose
For the very last time. RAB