Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ecolo in the Sky

[Baut Images: Ecolo in the Sky]

Ecolo, Goddess of Earth.
Bright jewel of blue in Sol's great system.
Bringer of air, and water,
and life to all your children.

I see your fractured beauty,
As you gaze upon your realm.
As you remember, dreamlike,
The flora and fauna of days gone by.

What cruel fate is it Ecolo,
That has brought your path to this?
Yet, despite all the heartache,
You still try to heal your world.

Ecolo, Goddess of Earth.
Bright Lady even in these darkened days.
Just remember it's foretold, in future days,
Your life, and world, will be renewed.

Roger Allen Baut


  1. Excellent poetry to accompany the photo, Roger. Your lines convey a mystical air amid the legend and prophesy. Here's to renewal. I especially enjoyed the speculative nature of the third stanza, in addition to the reconciliation occurring after the question of fate.

  2. Thanks so much for your comments Adam! Sincerely appreciated, and yes, "Here's to renewal." ☺

  3. i really like the feel of this...our earth sure could use that renewal...but that day will come...

  4. I recently tried my hand at a goddess (Fauna) poem. Yours makes me curious about Ecolo. Etherial and intriguing.

  5. Thanks Brian and Patricia for adding your comments! Glad you like the feel of this poem Brian, and that you find it ethereal and intriguing Patricia.

    I found it rather interesting that the statue of Ecolo was broken and put back together. I saw a documentary on our planet, a short while ago, and it showed how Earth would need 10,000 years plus to clear/clean itself from all the damage homo sapiens has done to it. Seems this species will never learn...

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