Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wilde Roses

[Baut Images: Wilde Roses]

Come with me now to the place of wilde roses,
And listen well to the songs that they sing.

For they sing of a time and a place gone by,
Of which you, and I, only dream.

Come to the place of wilde roses,
And breathe in the air that they breathe.

For the air there is pure, and clean, and sweet,
And opens to a land faire and free.

So, come with me now, to the place of wilde roses,
To a new land, where all just can be.
Roger Allen Baut 


  1. Such a beautiful presentation. I adore the photo.

  2. Hi Diana! Thanks for stopping by and leaving your pleased you like the presentation. I'm very fond of an image, verse and music to accompany a poem...sort of makes it feel 3 dimensional to me! Thanks again...Roger ☺

  3. this has an easy rhythm to me..enchanting and really makes me want to go see this magical place...

  4. Hey Brian! Glad ou stopped by and left your comment...yes...I like the easy rhythm too...seems like it should be that way for the place of wilde roses. ☺

    The magical place is there...for all of us on the earth plane to create! Every decision/act that we make, opens the door to a possible future.

    Throw a plastic bottle in the ocean and it could well lodge in the belly of a whale, and one day cause that whale to die.

    Become proactive in cleaning and detoxifying the land and it could very well produce a plant that cures one of mankind's diseases.

    The enchanted and magical place is there...only we have to create it...

    Thanks again, Brian!

    Roger ☺

  5. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful photo, poem, and video with me!

    My wife and I love making mucic together that's somewhat similar to this!

  6. You're quite welcome Lon! I love the photo, poem and video combination, and pleased you like it too!

    Ah, yes, shades of olde Japan! I lived there for 3½ years and was emersed in the culture...think I must have had a past life there...

    Thanks again,
    Roger ☺