Sunday, March 20, 2011

Message from the Hopi Nation: Japan and Earth Changes

I came across this video today, which is attributed to be an official message from the Hopi Nation, regarding the recent Japanese earthquake, and related events which are presently occurring on the planet. We know that we are living in challenging times, and that if we as a people do not put a stop to the materialistic mania that is sweeping our world, we will no longer have air that is suitable for breathing, water unfit for drinking, and food that is full of chemicals and toxins. Unfortunately, if we take a close look at our air quality, water quality, and food quality, we will see that it is already full of toxins and chemicals unsuitable for the human body.

It was reported on CNN, this morning, that tap water in Tokyo was showing radioactivity; milk and spinach were mentioned yesterday. Let us not forget that no amount of radioactivity is good for anyone, no matter what anyone says. Just because we don't come down with Cancer upon exposure today, doesn't mean that it won't happen in 2, 3, 5 or 10 years.

The following is the Hopi video which is here for your consideration. If you resonate to this video, please share it with others that may benefit from its message.

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  1. glad you shared this - no easy solutions but the people of the world must do something

    thanks Roger