Monday, March 14, 2011

Earth Changes: Critical Global Events 2010-2011

Overview of significant Earth Changes & Events:
February, 2010-March, 2011

Looking back over the past year, it is interesting to note some of the major Earth changing events that have affected life on Earth. These events include not only natural disasters, but a few of those that mankind has perpetrated upon the planet. The combination of earthquakes, tsunamis and Nuclear crisis from the Sendai, Japan earthquake remains a story that's still unfolding, as of this writing. In the words of one nuclear expert, "No amount of radiation is safe!"

• Kyushu, Japan, Shinmoedake Volcano erupts March 13th, 2011.

• Sendai, Japan, 9.0M (USGS revised upward from 8.9M) Earthquakes, Tsunamis, and Nuclear Crisis, beginning March 11th, 2011.

• Arkansas, United States, 800 Earthquakes generated from alledged Fracking. (See blog regarding this.), September 2010-March, 2011.

• Christchurch, New Zealand, 6.3M Earthquake, February 27th, 2011.

• Kyushu, Japan, Shinmoedake Volcano erupts January 31st, 2011.

• Sumatra, Indonesia, 7.7M Earthquake, October 25th, 2010.

• Christchurch, New Zealand, 7.0M Earthquake, September 4th, 2010.

• Gulf of Mexico, Deepwater Horizon, Largest marine oil spill in history along with use of toxic chemicals: ie. Corexit, April 20th, 2010.

• Eyjafjalla Glacier, Iceland, Volcano erupts, April 15th, 2010.

• Qinghai, China, 6.9M Earthquake, April 14th, 2010.

• Baja California, Mexico, 7.2M Earthquake, April 4th, 2010.

• Off Southern tip of Taiwan, 6.4M Earthquake, March 3rd, 2010.

• Bio-Bio, Chile, 8.8M Earthquake February 27th, 2010.

One day, perhaps in the not too distant future, we may hopefully see a more enlightened Homo sapiens living in harmony with not only the planet, but with other people as well.

2011 Roger Allen Baut

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