Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Frack-it! Fracking, Arkansas Earthquakes and New Madrid Fault!

Once I saw there were earthquake reports coming out of Arkansas, I knew something interesting was afoot. I have been interested in earth changes for a long, long time, and what those changes may mean for mankind. So, why this particular interest in Arkansas one might ask? Well, the interest is in that the Arkansas quakes are in rather close proximity to the New Madrid fault line.

"The New Madrid fault extends 120 miles southward from about Charleston, Missouri, and Cairo, Illinois, through New Madrid and Caruthersville, following I55 to Blytheville and down to Marked Tree, Arkansas. It crosses five state lines and cuts across the Mississippi River in three places, and the Ohio River in two places.

This fault is active and has measured more than 200 events per year. The most recent registering 4.3 along the New Madrid fault line on Thanksgiving evening, 1996. This quake was felt by citizens in the states of Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee and Kentucky, Illinois and Mississippi. Magnitudes of 5.0 or greater occur about once per decade, can do significant damage, and be felt in several states."

Of particular note is the Great New Madrid earthquake of 1811-1812, which was actually a series of approximately 2000 quakes, that occurred over a five month period.

"A major earthquake in this AREA, 7.5 or greater, happens every 200-300 years (the last one was in 1811-1812). There is a 25% chance by 2040, that a New Madrid fault rupture this size would be felt throughout half the United States and damage 20 states or more. Missouri alone could anticipate losses of at least $6 billion from such an event." Source:

Now back to the Arkansas earthquakes. There have been more than 800 quakes in the area of northern Faulkner County, Arkansas, which has been hit the most in the past six months, and most significantly with a magnitude 4.7 quake, the strongest in Arkansas in 35 years, which happened on Sunday, March 6th. Source:

"Seismologists say the quakes are not connected to the New Madrid Fault, which is an historically active fault in northeast Arkansas, more than 200 miles away." Source:

Well, now, "not connected," that's most reassuring! However, As the ancients knew, everything IS connected. Everything that occurs on this planet effects everything else, and more than 800 quakes! Come on! The earth is shifting and moving. Put up a line of dominoes and tip one over; they certainly fall and effect one another. Whether seismologists acknowledge it or not, these quakes are effecting the New Madrid Fault line in one way or another, and perhaps we shall see something veryinteresting occurring there.

Now, what might be causing these Arkansas quakes? Once again, the hand of man seems to be involved in wrecking havoc on our biosphere, as reports, "Arkansas has been rocked with earthquakes and now scientists are investigating (fracking by high pressure wells) [and ] their relationship to earthquakes, as two natural gas companies have agreed to temporarily suspend use of injection wells in central Arkansas, where earthquakes keep occurring. The high-pressure wells are used to dispose of waste water from natural gas drilling.

So, fracking disposes of waste water from natural gas drilling. I'm sure this "waste" water is loaded with all sorts of toxins, as are most operations of this nature. Not only is this fracking causing earthquakes but dumping toxins into the land. Will we never learn? The song of mankind remains the same, and it is indeed a sad one! Frack-it!

2011 Roger Allen Baut


  1. The constant ravaging of our planet is something we will all pay for.

    During a phone call conference with Arkansas congressman, David Pryor, I had asked his views on the drilling activities for Natural Gas and the correlation to the quakes.

    His answer was one to cause citizens great concern. He stated that the companies activity, one of which is Devon Energy out of Oklahoma City, was a primarily good thing. For reasons of jobs and money for the state, he was willing to overlook the big picture and let the earth ravaging continue.

    Now that they've stopped drilling(or so they tell the press), the damage is already done. There's no way to put all that natural gas back. I believe that the earth uses it as a lubricant and shock absorber.

    Thanks for your enlightened blog post. I wish all people were of your mindset. If that were the case, we may be able to enjoy earth for a much longer time.

  2. Thank you so much for your thoughts and input Shockgrubz on this blog, they are sincerely appreciated! Especially, wishing more people were of our mindset, unfortunately, as Osho says, "99.9% of people are either asleep, or drunk." But, as Koichi Tohei says, "One little light can light ten thousand," which I hope will eventually be the case! However, our governments cannot go on much longer ravaging and toxifying our biosphere, as is presently occurring...

    Unfortunately, methinks the "tipping" point has already been reached, and we are on the brink of another major species "die-off" which has happened several times in the past. Except it is Homo sapiens that has initited this one...

    Hopefully, the next major species that arises on Planet Earth will indeed be more enlightened and live in peace and harmony with nature, and itself...

    Thanks again,
    Roger ☺