Thursday, May 13, 2010

On a Collision Course?

When are we going to learn? This seems to be a good question to start this blog. The answer, at this point in time seems to be, never. Mankind is on a fast approaching collision course with an eco-collapse of epic proportions, and faster than it can imagine. It just cannot stop doing damage to all life inhabiting this bio-sphere.

As I've said before, Homo sapiens (moronus) is the most virulent species, that is known to have inhabited this planet to-date. It destroys and poisons the air, land, water, flora and fauna with chemicals and toxins; attacks, injures, maims, and kills other members of its own species; not to mention (on occasion) members of its own immediate family units. Is everyone so blind they can't see this, and try to do something to stop the insanity?

The mildest of today's articles was the report of a Venezuelan natural gas exploration rig sinking in the Caribbean sea. Supposedly there was no leakage from the rig as it sank beneath the waves. However, there have been other situations in the past, which haven't been as mild, but of course, we only know that we are told. Venezuela has had a series of problems in the past with fires, and problems with its refineries; see full article here

Cleaning up the Gulf oil disaster! Well, in my humble opinion, I feel it's going to take the planet to clean-up all the mess created by this species, and that'll have to take place over thousands of years.

Miles Grant of the National Wildlife Federation (NWF) wrote in the Huffington Post (on Wednesday, May 12)in an article entitled, "Dispersing spilled oil...with Formula 409: As an environmentalist, my first reaction was, putting Formula 409 in the ocean?! Then I realized BP has dumped over 300,000 gallons of chemical dispersant on the spill. Replacing one tablespoon of that with Seventh Generation wouldn't help matters. While they're not identical, both Formula 409 & BP's dispersant are essentially detergents...causing the oil to clump & sink. Some of the disperant ingredients are considered trade secrets, but many are voluntarily disclosed."

Nothing eco-friendly about Formula 409 or their equivalents. So what does that do?

"You're transferring the pollution, if you will, but under the right circumstances it's probably favorable," said E. Eric Adams, who specializes in environmental fluid mechanics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. "You use it when you are more concerned about [life] on the surface and shorelines than in the water column. It's a tradeoff," said Adams, who was on a National Academy of Sciences panel that investigated dispersants in 2005.

Yup! Some tradeoff! Makes "non-sense to me!" Sink it to the bottom where it can eventually do more mischief!
"Well offshore is the best place to use it," added Beth McGee, a water quality scientist at the Chesapeake Bay Foundation who was also a member of the National Academy panel. "You may be creating a toxic environment for fish, but you are preventing it from washing up on shore, which would have a much greater environmental impact. In the case of the do everything you can to prevent it from reaching the shore."

Great! "Toxic environment for fish!" It'll affect all acquatic life and eventually people. Something definately "wrong" with this "B" movie! For more on this please go to

Finally, another sad story, that talks about the Amazon Rain Forests, "...RIO BRANCO, Brazil — Until now, civilization's march into the Amazon forest has followed a predictable pattern. Loggers make way for cattle ranches that make way for farms. The next step: Shopping mall."

It's the rain forests that gives us the clean oxygen that we need folks, and they're being mowed-down every day! On a collision course with an eco-collapse? Sooner than any of us can imagine! Rain forests to malls

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