Wednesday, May 5, 2010

America the Polluted, or Don't Drink the Water!

The first item of news that took me aback today was the fact the United States Department of Interior, "...exempted BP's calamitous Gulf of Mexico drilling operation from a detailed environmental impact analysis last year, according to government documents, after three reviews of the area concluded that a massive oil spill was unlikely."

Well, this certainly seeems like another brick in the wall of either governmental myopia, nonchalance, stupidity, or something else. What that something else may be, well, there's a long list of things that one may chose from. A day late and a doolar short, "...environmentalists and some key senators are calling for a reassessment of safety requirements for offshore drilling."

It was reported yesterday on Dylan Radigan's program, MSNBC, that other wells are "seeping," oil. Seeping may not be a volcano of oil, but it is a leak and a danger to aquatic life in, and of itself. Something is so wrong with this picture that I'm sure it gives sane people migranes. Source: MSNBC/The Washington Post.

As troubling as the Gulf of Mexico disaster is, another one that is particularly disturbing is one that is related to the Boeing Company, near Seattle, WA. "To resolve a multi-party federal lawsuit, the Boeing Company will pay $2 billion to remediate environmental damage in Seattle’s Duwamish waterway, the ancestral grounds for the Duwamish, Muckleshoot, and Suquamish Tribes." Talk about a mess!

The $2 billion is " fund the cleanup of the site where Boeing built many of the B-17 bombers used during World War II. Solvents, oils and other chemicals polluted the property and leached into groundwater that migrated to the Duwamish waterway."

The number of new and ongoing eco-tragedies is really disheartening, and no matter what anyone says, there is no way to totally eradicate, clean-up, or return land or water to its original prisitine environment. Chemicals, and/or other pollutants which have gone into our air, water, ground, plants and wildlife are simply absorbed, and will eventually be ingested by people. Only nature, over thousands of years can cleanse the planet from the pollutants and toxins, that a greedy and self-absorbed Homo sapiens moronus has dumped into it.

America once a beautiful and pristine land has become a trash heap! If you don't believe me look at the photo in the following link (Source: Native American Legal Update)

America the polluted! Don't drink the tap water! I don't!

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