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Numerology: Plain and Simple

Numerology: Plain and Simple


I've dedicated this blog to the subject of Numerology and in it will be posting some of my thoughts and reflections regarding it. I am also planning on featuring a mini-course series of my studies, on the Numerology page, and give those interested in this ancient science a nice, plain and simple overview of Numerology. After going through the material, and doing some of the assignments, one may have a rudimentary understanding of Numerology. One doesn't have to jump into the ocean first, to learn how to swim, but may learn in the convenience of a pool to get the basics down. I have found many books on shelves and the internet that are way too complex and filled with a lot of "implausible" material. If you have read my articles in the "Metaphysics" page you may gain a broader understanding of my personal view regarding this.

To begin with, I thought it might be worthwhile to provide you, the reader, a bit about myself. I first recall reading about Numerology somewhere between the ages of 9 to 11. I found the subject to be quite interesting, even though mathematics was not one of my favorite subjects in school.

I’m not quite sure where my original interest springs from, but I remember finding a book on it in the library many years ago. I found it tremendously interesting that letters had a numerical equivalent that could be interpreted, and that one could get a better understanding of oneself, or another by breaking down the letters into their basic numbers.

My fascination with Numerology just kept going until I took a class with Elaine Lewis, co-director of the former Michigan Metaphysical Society (MMS), in Berkley, Michigan. Mrs. Lewis was an exceptional teacher, researcher and Numerologist, and had studied under a rabbi to gain much of her knowledge. She was practical, realistic, and most importantly, “down-to-earth" about her subject, and professional analysis, as well as being the business head for MMS.

Her no-nonsense, or no “hocus-pocus” approach to her work, and metaphysics, was definitely one I appreciated, since I have always been repelled by those individuals who think of themselves as “experts,” “gurus,” masters,” “swamis,” or “whatever.” What many people have forgotten, or might never have been aware, is that we are simply sojourners expressing life on earth, a spirit or soul, inhabiting a physical body for a very short period of time. We have all originated from the same source, and from that source we shall return. During my earthly sojourn I have not met anyone who I would consider to be a "true" master or expert, in anything, although many have taken these titles in a very "cavalier" manner. I once heard a definition of master, that I totally agree with, and that is a genuine master is one who has mastered himself, or herself.

I can attest to using Numerology in many circumstances, but most especially when I first meet people. It’s sort of automatic now, with my mind going to the first vowel and consonant in a person’s name. This first vowel and consonant carry a very strong bearing upon the character of an individual, and it is these first two letters that I always focus on. It is also interesting to note that when the first name begins with a vowel it carries the most strength in regards to the corresponding vibrations.

The information on Numerology presented to you, and how I work and teach it, is based upon Mrs. Lewis’ system, with my own personal research added in. This is indeed a “plain and simple” approach to Numerology, so that one may get as clean and plausible information as possible, and helps one to not get tangled-up in a lot of complex equations, implausible theories, or something that one needs to be physicist to understand.

The first section appears on the Numerology page, and I hope to continue with it there, however, I've had some challenges with that page, so I may have to reconsider how to present it. In any event, I want this information to be available to those present-day seekers of light, wisdom, and knowledge.

© Roger Allen Baut

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