Friday, July 20, 2012


[Baut Images: Connectedness]

The Earth is a beautiful planet with so many things to see, from its oceans, lakes, mountains, rivers and streams, landscapes, to it's four seasons. During my lifetime, I have been fortunate to travel to Asia, Europe, and several places in North America. I have seen some wonderful, and perhaps not so wonderful things in this world of ours.

As I have traveled, my perception of the world shifted and broadened, and I came to the awareness that everything is connected. I became aware that every man, woman, child, plant, animal, fish, et cetera, as well as the oceans, rivers, lakes, land and sky are all interconnected. Unfortunately, not a lot of people feel the same way as I do. Osho says that, "99.9% of people are either asleep or drunk."

I have said on occasion, "I feel I am the voice of one crying in the wilderness," and that "...if we don't all start working together, for the mutual benefit of all humankind and the planet, then we, as a species, as well as the planet, will suffer and cease to exist as we know it today."

Sadly, only a few have listened to my words, and many people have let them go in one ear and out the other. Society has become, for the most part, a self-absorbed superficial population, who may give lip-sevice to one thing or another, but that's about it.

Over the past several months, I have tried to encourage a message of cooperation, but what I have learned is, that people really have no sincere interest in working together for the mutual benefit of anyone else, or the planet. They are, oftentimes, self-centered and self-serving, and may 'talk the talk,' but don't 'walk the walk.'

Is it so difficult to work together with others in harmony? Is it so difficult to acknowledge and promote someone else's work? Is it so difficult to be a human being?

It is said, "There are none so blind as those who will not see," and there is a lot of truth in those words. I found an interesting quote, a short while back, that goes along with all of this, and, interestingly, it comes from, believe it or not, Coronation Street, and that quote is, "We live in self-congratulatory times." That quote really says a lot about who we are as a society, and a people.

Osho writes, "Everything is connected. This connectedness is what is meant by the word Tao: the connectedness, the interconnectedness, the interdependence of all. Nobody is separate, hence ego is absurd. Only the whole can say "I": the parts should not say "I." If they have to say, they should say it only as a linguistic formality; but they should not claim the "I."

It may already be too late to change what humankind has done not only to itself, but the planet as well, I don't know. I have also written, that "...if things do not radically change quickly, Homo sapiens sapiens will go down, in history, as the most virulent species that has ever inhabited this planet. What other species maims, tortures, abuses, kills, wages ignorant wars based upon greed upon others of its own kind, and wrecks havoc upon the only planet it has to live upon? The worst thing about all of this is, that the majority of people have sat back, and allowed all of these atrocities to happen.

Oh, yes, there are a few who are, and have been, trying to change that, but the poison is already in our land, air, water, food and physical body.

"I am the voice of one crying in the wilderness."

"Tell me why?
Why, we can do nothin'.
Why? Why?
We can do nothin'.

How long
we sit and watch it!
Tell me why?
We can do,
We can do nothin'." Beissoul

Footnote: This blog was posted on July 20th. It is now some time since it went up, and as anyone can see, there has been minimal comment (pro or con) in regard to what has been presented in this article. That in itself is a 'big' message, and a significator that I am part of a malignant species that is not only destroying itself, but the very planet it lives on. Raise a glass to Homo sapiens moronus, the most 'self-centered' and 'oblivious' species to inhabit Planet Earth.


  1. have taken the words right out of my mouth. The most frustrating experience by far for me, is the inability of most to celebrate the good works of another. It seems our species also prefers to watch others falter, stumble, and fail. I was associated with one site in particular that was, ultimately at it's core, absolutely vile. It was about numbers, views, growth (before you're ready) and made me feel terrible as I was more concerned with quality work and relationships. (People laugh at me for that) I do believe working together we can change this world, thru love, respect, gratitude, appreciation (these are also traits we are capable of!) The faith in whether or not we can actually come together is what's been taking a beating with me lately. Well thought, well spoken piece that needs to be read by many. It's a world-wide conversation that needs to be had!

    1. Hi Natasha!

      Great to have you stop by and leave your thoughts. I resonate to everything you write! Especially, "...the inability of most to celebrate the good works of another," and that is so very sad. It does speak to the fact that we are in a Dark Age though, but, there is always a light, here and there.

      I also think this is an important for people to realize, as you write, " I do believe working together we can change this world, thru love, respect, gratitude, appreciation (these are also traits we are capable of!)."

      As Koichi Tohei writes, "One little light can light ten thousand."

      Thanks again,
      and take gentle care Natasha! ☺

  2. This is a powerful piece. We sit in our closets separate from each other when unity and joined action would change our world. We seek self accolades when our voices should be raised in recognition for those who have brought light and action to our world.

    1. You are so correct Susie, and thank you so much for adding you voice to this article. Appreciate you letting me know you felt "This is a powerful piece."

      Things could change...they really could!

      Thanks again Susie!

      Roger ☺