Monday, October 3, 2011

Rend the Wounded Sky

[Baut images: Rend the Wounded Sky]

Sharply castigating the sky,
The deadly thistle pod spears
Stab upward at the thickening clouds.

Dark swords against the gray,
They slash and tear
And rend the wounded sky.

Green lightening crackles downward,
Attacking the thistle swords
As blood rain falls pelting unhallowed ground.

The battle in nature has begun,
In a last desperate hope
Of bringing balance back to Earth.

Roger Allen Baut
Please note: This is once again in 'triplet' form of image, poem and song.
listen...the prophesy...

from the Delerium CD Syrophenikan


  1. Roger- really like what you did here- Not sure if you started with the prompt or found the image and thought it fit the poem. Either way- it's great how they play off each other. Like the moments of color in here- I'm really big on the use of color, so it's always nice to see them pieced within. and there are some WOW lines in here for sure, opener is my favorite- love the word, so much better than saying criticizing or I guess needling would have fit the image- but really cool word to use. Love the casting of black unto gray- depending on the shades you could get either minor attraction or contrast- great blend there and the unhallowed ground line- is pretty much perfect for the context. Ending on Balance- very nice. Little long winded here tonight- but really love what you did here- great write.

    Oh, side note- your comments did finally get through- guess Blogger sent them to limbo- perhaps then they saw your tweet and it was enough "prayers" to push them over to me in "Heaven". ha, sorry bit of Spiritual play there- but yeah- it was definitely weird this week- had same thing happen to me. Anyhow, thanks again for the read here

  2. Hi yah Fred! So nice to hear from you and read your observations...actually I most often start with the photo/image, then the poem, then the music/video which I try to match to the image and poem.

    Interestingly, there's going to be a 'version' two of this for whatever unknown reason? It just sort of came to me to do that...

    Glad you got my comment(s)finally... yup! I think there's a black hole out there that gobbles them up from time to time, and then 'pops' them out again...Hopefully, that won't happen when I visit your blog the next time!

    Really enjoyed your comments, especially the 'side note'...and quite pleased you like my work! Thanks again!

    Catch yah lata!

    Roger ☺