Sunday, June 26, 2011

Hidden and Revealed

[Image: Adam Romanowicz]

Hidden and revealed are the secrets of life.
Each of us searching our lives and selves
To find the answers to the mystery
That lies behind the door of our mind and soul.

A flower of windmists, a foggy day, a drop of dew,
An amber afternoon in October, a summer's night,
And a winter's day. All hold the precious answers
We are looking for, if we but only look within,
And see with our mind's eye.

Hidden and revealed are the secrets of life.
Each of us holding within the essence of truth,
And a spark of the Divine;
That lie behind the door of our mind and soul.

Roger Allen Baut


  1. I really agreed with every word in this poem, everything in life revolves and has a centre, I for one am very glad we can't see round the corners! We are all creatures of the Divine, and we choose to open that door, or keep it firmly shut ;) Great spiritual write here

  2. I love the lines here, they spoke to me. Nice write.

  3. Thanks so much for your comments repressedsoul and ayala...I'm so happy you resonated to "Hidden and Revealed." I do believe that a great awakening is coming very soon, along with a time of healing for the planet and our species...everything goes in cycles...history teaches that, even though much of mankind looks the other way...Cheers! ☺

  4. "A flower of windmists..." wow, what a phrase! Really good poem, Roger. Smooth flow with a zen-like quality. Write on! (I should say create on!) Cheers, my friend.

  5. def was thinking like adam...very zen...there are many a secret visible we often fail to find....until we take a closer look

  6. Really appreciate your input Adam and Brian...Your thoughts are very helpful! Definately happy that you both resonated to the "zen-like" quality of "Hidden and revealed." And sooo very true "there are many a secret visible we often fail to find! Thanks again friends! Roger ☺

  7. People say , we need a revolution.. no, we need an evolution.. we must evolve back to our natural stat of loving which is our purpose for being..
    this poem is quite lovely.. thank you for writing and sharing these fine words.

  8. Ahh! Such a very nice comment Lynne! Yes, indeed, "...we need an evolution...we must evolve back to our natural state of loving, which is our purpose for being." And, so happy you found it "...quite lovely." One day there will be a significant change in the not to far off future, as we move out of the Kali Yuga, or Age of Iron, into a the new Satya Yuga or Golden Age. Thanks again, Roger ☺

  9. I find this to be so very true, when I FINALLY stopped listening to what was around me and listened within that's when a HUGE CHANGE took place for the better for me!!

  10. ...and that, Lon, is a key to it all! So happy you shared that! Thank you! Roger ☺