Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Earth Changes Continue

Since my first post on "Earth changes," which was updated on March 4, there have been several more earthquakes of various magnitude, that have occurred in many areas of the world.

As recently as Easter Sunday, April 4th, there was a 7.2M earthquake in Baja California, Mexico, followed by the April 6th, Sumatra, Indonesia, earthquake of 7.7M. Earthquakes of a destructive magnitude seem to be occuring with a more and more regular frequency. It would seem that the planet has entered in a very active stage of global geographic change.

Now a week later a 6.9M earthquake has rocked Yushu county, in the southern part of Qinghai, China, near Tibet, with reports from CBS saying there are over 400 dead and 10,000 injured (reference).

What does all this mean? It means that this is a time for people to wake-up and realize that the planet is, and has always been in constant change. We in the United States erroneously "assume" that tomorrow will be "exactly" as it has always been, and that it's "business" as usual. It's no longer business as usual for the people of China. It's no longer a time to be "unconscious!" Time to wake-up!

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